Alcoholism. The main causes of death.

Alcoholism. The main causes of death.

Alco­holism. The main caus­es of death (cir­rho­sis, stroke, heart attack). Treat­ment of alco­holism in Odessa.

Com­plete­ly get­ting rid of alco­hol addic­tion in Odessa in a short time.

Work in progress with neu­ro­plas­tic­i­ty of the brain, the bal­ance of monoamines (neu­ro­trans­mit­ters) is nor­mal­ized. There is a car­di­nal improve­ment of neu­ronal con­nec­tions in the cor­ti­cal struc­tures of the brain.

Cirrhosis of the liver is the main formidable complication of chronic alcoholism (treatment of alcoholism Odessa)
Cir­rho­sis of the liv­er is the main for­mi­da­ble com­pli­ca­tion of chron­ic alco­holism (treat­ment of alco­holism Odessa)
alco­holism (treat­ment of alco­holism Odessa) [/ cap­tion]

Even if the patient has been using alco­hol and drugs con­tin­u­ous­ly for many years.

Removal of depen­den­cy goes “soft­ly”, with­out going to alco­holic delir­i­um (delir­i­um tremens), alco­holic epilep­sy, etc. .

Pos­si­ble home deliv­ery with­in Odessa. If the arrival at work (Odessa Region­al Cen­ter for Emer­gency Med­ical Care and Dis­as­ter Med­i­cine or to the office on Dunayevsky) is then treat­ment on the first day is free.

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